tiistai 10. huhtikuuta 2012

Webinar on the Linux terminal server

There is a national Linux thin client project in Greece. It covers 250 schools in Greece. Some of them are shown on this map.

Join us to a webinar on Wednesday 11th of April, 10:00 AM Greek (and Finnish) time to discuss the matter. Greece and Finland are UTC +3 hours during summer daylight saving time. Yannis Siahos and Alkis Georgopoulos will tell us about their project and answer our questions.

The address is https://eoppimiskeskus.adobeconnect.com/educoss Use "Enter as guest" login option. The name you choose when logging in will be shown to other users and will be visible in the recording.

Listening to the webinar requires only a computer with an Internet connection. The sound quality will be better if you can use a head set.

The planning document of the webinar is here.

I case of questions I will be available on IRC channel #ltsp at Freenode network.


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